Services and Products

Physical Security

CTS® designs its physical security structure based on prevalent threat and vulnerability of various elements of client’s organizations. Under the current security environment, there is an ever increasing demand and pressure on any organization’s executive and management bodies to ensure adequate security to their organizations. Our security solutions, which range from provision of simple security arrangements to comprehensive physical security solutions, ensure that staff, infrastructure and operations of the client organizations are optimally secured so that the organizations can focus on their business objectives. Our physical security solutions can be combination of any number of following security apparatus

Physical Security Services

Security Staff

Male Armed/Unarmed Security Officers, Supervisors and Guards. (All ex-Army , Uniformed with imported weapons). Lady guards, Lady searcher.

Communication systems

We provide state of the art and modern equipment for communication to our security personnel deployed at client’s premises. (Motorola set GP-338, Motorola Base station, Pole wire and installation)

Security Infrastructure

Our security infrastructure is combination of Blockers, Hesco Bags, Hydraulic and Jersey Barriers, Motorized Gates, Guard Rooms, Fencing, razor cut/ barbed/electric.

Close Protection Teams (CPT)

Our CPT comprising trained security officers, armored vehicles, soft vehicles, bullet proof vests, first aid kits

Quick Reaction Force (QRF)

Our QRF comprising retired Special Services Group (SSG) personnel

Sniffer Dog Teams

This team comprising trained dog handlers and very highly trained dogs for the purpose of explosive detection

Technical Security

Based on our vision in CTS®, we address clients’ needs through application of advanced and state-of-the-art technology. We are committed to provide most effective quality security solutions employing technical equipment and human resources.CTS® utilizes a wide array of technical products from some of the leading manufacturers in security industry. We offer following technical security solutions, which can be integrated with physical security solutions:

Technical Security Services

CCTV Security Solutions

CCTV security solutions, utilizing state of the art video monitoring cameras (CCTV, HDMI, IP) and digital recording systems (DVR/NVR)

Access Control System

Smooth and speedy access control ensured by utilizing technology in the field of RF and biometrics equipment

Under Vehicle CCTV Camera

Modern and contemporary systems imported from leading manufacturers of the world. Under vehicle inspection system with 2 cameras light and ramp

Explosive Detection System

We provide the most reliable and durable equipment for Explosive detection i.e. Explosive detector US made E-3500

IT&Networking Solutions

Modern and up to date Network Usage Monitoring, IP Routing, IP Telephony, Firewall & Intrusion, Storage and Backup solutions, Data Leakage Prevention (DLP).

Fire Alarm and Electric  System

This service comprising of Security and Fire alarms, Anti-Shatter films, Energized/Electric fencing, Tracking systems