CTS® designs its physical security structure based on prevalent threat and vulnerability of various elements of client’s organizations. Under the current security environment, there is an ever increasing demand and pressure on executive and management bodies to ensure adequate security to their organizations. Our security solutions, which range from provision of simple security arrangements to comprehensive physical security solutions, ensure that staff, infrastructure and operations of the client organizations are optimally secured so that the organizations can focus on their business objectives.

 CTS Physical and Technical Security   pdf-icon

Our physical security solutions can be combination of any number of following security apparatus

Male Armed / Unarmed Security Officers, Supervisors and Guards, ensuring following features:

  • All ex-Army
  • Uniformed
  • Arms and ammunition (imported weapons)
  • Communication systems
  • On-site Security Officer and Supervisor(s)
  • Company’s off-site Monitoring Officer

Security Staff of following categories

  • Lady guards
  • Lady checkers
  • Entrance area Receptionists (male /female)
  • Telephone Operators (male/female)
  • Drivers


Physical Security Infrastructure, combination of following according to client’s security needs:

  • Blockers
  • Hesco bags
  • Hydraulic and Jersey barriers
  • Motorized gates
  • Towers and observation posts
  • Guard rooms
  • Fencing, razor-cut /barbed / electric
  • Close Protection Teams (CPT), comprising armored vehicles, soft vehicles, bullet proof jackets, first aid kits.
  • Quick Reaction Force (QRF), comprising retired Special Services Group (SSG) personnel
  • Escort Teams, comprising armed guards, drivers, armored / soft vehicles
  • Sniffer Dog Teams (SDT), trained sniffer dogs with handlers