About Us

CTS® Vision

To become a PROFESSIONAL security service provider.

CTS® Mission

Considering the contemporary security environment, offer corresponding security consultancy services and provide comprehensive security solutions to client organizations using latest technology / innovation in the field of security.

Capital Techno Security Company (Pvt) Ltd,® one of the leading security services provider, offers comprehensive security solutions that help client organizations to ascertain their security needs and formulate strategies and subsequently implement security solutions to mitigate risks and accelerate their business objectives.

Security services offered by Capital Techno Security Company (Pvt) Ltd® include host of solutions utilizing physical and technical security elements. With our head office at Islamabad and branch offices in all provincial capitals, CTS® operates throughout Pakistan.

Established in 2008, CTS® is proud to have developed strong professional bond with our customers, which include multinational, international and private organizations. We at CTS® fully understand our clients’ security concerns and needs. With the vast experience of our staff in security and related fields, CTS® offers contemporary security solutions utilizing state-of-the art technical security equipment and systems.